Health and Safety Commission

The five-member Health and Safety Commission is appointed by the City Council to maintain and improve the overall health and safety of the community.

The Commission shall be advisory to the City Council and other officials and staff of the City. The Commission shall have the authority to make recommendations to the City Manager or City Council regarding matters within its purview.

The Commission shall have the following purposes and responsibilities:

  1. Promote, communicate and broaden the community's opportunities for citizen participation on issues of public health, welfare, safety and comfort, mitigation of community safety risks and hazards and disaster preparedness.
  2. Provide a forum for members of the community to bring generalized concerns regarding public health, welfare, safety and comfort.
  3. Aid in the development of strategies relating to disaster preparedness, disaster hazard mitigation, disaster management and health and safety risk reduction.
  4. Support the work of all City Departments, the business sector and the efforts of residents before, during and after a medical, natural or man-made disaster.
  5. Assist in communicating the City's health, safety and disaster preparedness messages to the community as well as educating the community more generally regarding these issues.
  6. Strengthen ties with the community's disaster related stakeholders.
  7. Assist with City-sponsored activities and programs that promote public health, welfare, safety and comfort, mitigation of community safety risks and hazards and disaster preparedness.

The Commission shall not become involved with:

  1. Police or fire response issues
  2. Issues that involve special technical expertise
  3. School safety issues
  4. Monitoring or overseeing any enforcement activities of any City Department, including but not limited to, enforcement of this Code, enforcement of traffic laws, or enforcement of state criminal or civil laws

The five-member commission will hold its regular meetings on the fourth Monday of each month at 4:00pm.

Questions about the Commission should be directed to the Office of Emergency Management, Resilience, and Recovery at (310) 285-1025.

Health and Safety Commission
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